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Research and Development

Camillotek is working towards latest scientific strategies for preventing and management of vast health concerns. There is a need to review the recommended daily intake of nutrients as it is much lower than the optimum requirements as given in the scientific and clinical studies . Most of us suffer shocking deficits of such other vital nutrients as magnesium, potassium, vitamin B5 , B6,and B12 and vitamin D.

Over the past several years scientists have validated the critical role vitamin D plays in regulating a host of bodily functions. Yet still there is evidence of a widespread vitamin D insufficiency. A recent published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at blood levels of vitamin D (measured as 25-hydroxyvitamin D) in 9,949 people aged 50-74 for a median of 9.5 years. Compared to those with sufficient vitamin D levels, those who were deficient had a 71% higher rate of dying from any cause.

Camillotek, a WHO-GMP and ISO certified company has over 100 formulations; most of them are derived from natural sources like vegetable, fruits and herbs and are checked for their active ingredient content for potency before going for the formulas.



Women around the world fight with the maintenance of hygiene due to the sanitary products during menstruation that causes them discomfort, uneasiness and various vaginal ailments that affect their common lifestyle.

Understanding the feminine hygiene was one of the first and foremost studies done towards this problem, which also includes studies regarding vaginal microbiota and its alterations. Changes in pH, exposure to anaerobic environment, encountering carcinogenic agents and chemicals causes imbalance in microbiota which favors pathogens such as E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans etc to thrive which in turn causes diseases such as Bacterial vaginosis, Infertility and other fungal diseases.

Various research studies published in eminent journals says that bacterial vaginosis causes mixed infections which leads to urinary tract infection (UTI), hormonal imbalance followed by PCOS, PCOD, birth problems and infertility. The materials used in the sanitary products containing carcinogenic chemicals may further act as hormonal disrupters that cause ovarian cancer.


Female Hygiene

The major objective of this research is to find a value addition through probiotics and natural extracts that will help to improve the feminine hygiene. Human organism and lactobacilli have always related to each other. Lactobacilli not only form an important part of intestinal microflora, but they are also an essential component of vaginal mucosa. They are essential producers of antimicrobial substances and of acidic pH environment in vaginal mucosa. And it is principally the acidic pH that protects this sensitive mucosa against infections caused by other bacteria and yeasts. If this delicate balance is upset for any reason (such as antibiotic treatment, wearing skin-tight dress, swimming in pools, but also stress, etc.), an inflammation can occur.

Lactobacilli colonize vaginal mucosa in a completely natural way. Unpleasant aromatic substances arise out of blood and discharge decay, which is caused by undesirable bacteria. Friendly probiotic, Lactobacillus bacteria reduce the growth of dangerous bacteria and this way they eliminate uncomfortable disintegrative processes. Natural extracts on the other hand, act as antimicrobial as well as antioxidants there by aiding a synergy to form a combination to develop the feminine intimate hygiene.
















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