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Camillotek's Innovative Formulations for Nutra Industry




Health and nutrition is important the world over, and that has been the case for thousands of years and the years to come. In 2013, Forbes rated the vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS) industry worth at about $32 billion in a year. Every year, VMS companies rake in a total of $32 billion in revenue. Forbes also claims that number is expected to top $60 billion by 2021. Hence health and nutrition companies would not be slowing down any time soon.

Over the last 14 years Camillotek Natural Products, by combining the best of science and nature has established itself as one of the world’s leading boutique manufacturers of safe and effective natural supplements. At Camillotek only the best goes into quality supplements. No expense is spared in the sourcing of raw ingredients, and each is carefully selected for purity, potency and bio-availability. These ingredients are optimized by blending with complimentary ingredients to ensure optimal synergy within the formulations.

Camillotek, with over 200 formulations in the segments of antioxidants, immune support, detoxification, weight management and targeted nutrition is poised to take the growing demand of preventive health care. The delivery systems are precisely studied and may be given in vegetarian capsules, tablets, softgels, sachets, sublingual granules, melts and instant mix powders. Recently it has diversified into functional foods with dosage forms of prebiotics, probiotics, DHA, conjugated linoleic acid, veg and fruit extracts, vitamins (B12, C, D3), trace minerals delivered in reduced sugar candy, cookies, instant soups, millet wafers, gummies, instant tea mix etc.

Optimeal - multinutrient mix, Curemin-Bioactive Curcumin, Fensulin-Fenugreek based blood sugar support blend, Numotoid – all natural anti-inflammatory now with Rosehip extracts are some of the well accepted blends. Latest pharmaceutical technology and bioprocess engineering is applied to get the highest purity and enhanced bio activity but still natural, low toxicity and Non-Gmo etc. is maintained. Enteric coating technology is crucial because exposure to stomach acids can damage or inactivate some of the most important nutrients, such as L-Glutathione, Resveratrol, SAMe and enzymes.
Camillotek range of products is quite unique, because it works hard to ensure that no component is overlooked. Just one missing component can have a major impact on the result – affirms Nanda Gopal Saha CEO, Camillotek India Private Ltd.

Camillotek is WHO-GMP and ISO certified and takes care of all the components needed to develop a genuinely effective product that delivers the best results.




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