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  I recommend Chlorophyll for everybody...Mrs.Vijayalakshmi
I am Mrs Vijayalakshmi a 26 year old housewife from Agra. I was diagnosed having anemia with hemoglobin levels as low as 7.2. My immunity was very weak due to which I was prone to many common illness. I was feeling weak and fatigued often . Vijayalakshmi
After using chlorophyll regularly for three months I felt very energetic which initiated me to have a second health check up. To my surprise I found my hemoglobin levels have increased from 7.2 to 10.5 which I feel it to be miracle since no other medication has helped me solve my anemic condition
Now I have recommended chlorophyll to all my relatives for general well being. I and my family members have started using of GT Plus and Reishi Capsules.
  Now no injections,no painkillers,only Camillotek...Mrs.Anjana Dayal
      I am anjana dayal from Jamshedpur. I was suffering from migraine from the past ten years. I had reached a stage when my body had stopped accepting pain killers. I had to take injections, the intensity of the pain increased I used to take 4 pain killers a day. Anjana Dhayal
      In 1994. CYST in my ovary was diagnosed which needed an operation because of this I used to have fever almost everday. Disturbed menstruation cycle of the interval of ten days followed by sever blooding and pain which resulted in severe anemia(hemoglobin level 4) I couldn’t travel on two wheeler at the back seat of four wheeler, with greta difficulty in the front seat of the car with abdominal belt wound around.
     Bad constipation – had to take strong lacative with milk of magnesia and some ayurvedic powder – all together twice a day, yet sometime it used to be a failure
     After taking CHLOROPHYLL, G.T, REISHI for 21/2 months slowly and steadily my health improved. Now no injections, no pain killers. My body resistance has increased earlier even in the slightest change of weather I used to fall sick. Now I have over come all that. Thanks to God and Camillotek.
Mrs.Anjana Dhayal
  Great relief from Camillotek Products...Mr.V.Ramesh
  I am V. Ramesh, retired Government service personnel from Thane Maharashtra V.Ramesh
      Due to my odd working hours, I could not maintain regular eating habits which resulted in skipping of meal in order to finish of my official chores on time. As this continued, I developed severe burning sensation, acidity and indigestion which was diagnosed as Gastroenteritis by my family physician. I also had high BP.
      I was once introduced to Camillotek Products by one of my close friends. I started consuming chlorophyll and GT Plus for about two weeks, and now I have overcome my indigestion problem. BP has become normalized. I am immensely satisfied with the great relief I got through Camillotek Products which I never had from my previous forms of treatment.
Thane, Maharastra.
  I proudly suggest Camilotek products...Mrs.Chitra Samantha
    I am Mrs. Chitra Samantha from Thane, Maharashtra Chitra Samantha
    I am suffering from acidity, Gastritis and migraine headache. If I don’t take rest in the afternoons the headache used to become severe accompanied by vomiting also. I tried several forms of treatment but could not find relief from any of them till the time I was introduced to Camillotek naturals by my medical advisor Mr. Mrinal k mridha who suggested me to take chlorophyll GT Plus and Reishi .
    After taking the above acidity and headache become almost nil. I also feel that my energy has increased. I am now at the pink of my health doing great. I am pleased with Camillotek products and feel proud to suggest this to others.
Chitra Samantha    
  I got cured without Surgery...Mr.Hyed Basha
     I am Hyed Basha from Manali, Chennai. I am running furniture business. I was diagnosed as having Heart valve problem, blockage in both the valves due to fatty deposits and thus breathing difficulty as a result of which I was advised to undergo surgery with in a month after diagnosis, which I avoided due to fear. Slowly there were itchy white patches which started spreading on the skin of both hands. Hyed Basha
     Finally I was introduced to Camillotek Products and consumed GT Plus and Reishi which I took for two months completely.
    By God’s grace I found relief in the form of complete disappearance of the white patches able to feel comfortable than before and can breathe freely. Now I am still continuing the products for better results. Thanks to Camillotek Products.
MR. Hyed Basha,    
  I can take any kind of food without any hassles...Mr.B.Iyyanar.
     I am B.Iyyanar,aged 27 years, from Chennai.I am a Carpenter by profession.  
    My Business involves physical labour ,requiring heavy travel for supply of furniture to my customers .During this time my body tends to get over heated due to which i developed indigestion .Consuming outside food ,as i was away from home, also added to my troubles.Because of this,I found difficulty in travelling which interfered with my business. I tried various treatments for my problem but got only momentary relief and their side effects were unmanageble.
    Finaly I tried Chlorophyll drink from Camillotek Naturals and in three days ,I experienced a tremendous cooling sensation in my body.All my body heat vanished and my indigestion problem also got solved.Now I can take any kind of food without any hassles.
    I am still consuming Chlorophyll and i feel proud to suggest it to all my friends and relatives.
  I got complete relief from constipation...Mr. Mahendra Nagpal.

     I was suffering from severe constipation and irrregular bowel movements.
As a result, I had lost my appetite and was suffering from improper digestion.


    I tried several types of Laaxatives to regulate my bowels but nothing gave me complete relief.

    Finally I got introdued to Wheat grass Chlorophyll drink and within a weeks time I got complete relief from constpation ans painful bowel movements .I also take GT Plus which has helped me improve my digestion and also better appetite.

    Now I feel fresh and energetic throughout the day for which I am extremely thankful and proud to be a consumer of Camillotek products and Camillotek Wellness programme.

Mr. Mahendra Nagpal.  
  GT Plus Chlorophyll,Reishi,Chlorophyll and Lifestyle tips...Mrs.Vijaya Torat

     I was overweight by 10kgs weighing 60kgs and experienced pain in both my limbs which affected my mobility severely.My vision was also very poor and it was deteriorating to the extent of blindness.My menstrual periods were also irregular , which resulted in weight gain.I have been undergoing treatment for my above problems for past one year but could not get any satisfactory results from them.Meanwhile I had lost all hopes of getting cured.

    But thankfully,I got wonderful solution for my problems from Mr.Titoniya who suggested me to take the wellness programme of Camillotek Naturals which included GT Plus Chlorophyll,Reishi,Chlorophyll and Lifestyle tips.I consumed the above for one and half months regularly.Now my eyesight has significantly improved and I can see things without much strain.I feeel no pain in my Joints as I have lost 3kgs of weight.Now I feel energetic throughout the dayand I am also surprised that my menstrual cycles have become regular.

    I am very grateful to Camilloek products and also to the person who has helped to overcome my problems.

Mrs.Vijaya Torat  
  I feel normal healthy and energetic...Mrs.Laxmidevi Jaidani

    Iam a 75 year old housewife from Nagpur.

    I was suffering from severe Constipation as a result of which I was able to pass motion only once a week by straining very hard and that gave me immense pain.I also had heavy acidity in my stomach.My scan reports showed the presence f stones in both my kidneys which caused pricking pain in my back.Doctors advised to undergo surgical removal of the stones,but I avoided it due to fear as my age cannot withstand it.I only left my problem to its fate.

    One day I was visited by my family friend Mr.Sachdev who was dealing with Camillotek Naturals health supplements.He suggested me to take up Camillotek wellness programme which included GT Plus Chlorophyll,Reishi and Bio Chlorophyll regularly for a month,which I followed with little belief.

    But by the end of the month,I felt that the priocking pain had gone and was able to pass motion freely.Now i feel normal ,healthy and energetic.I am very thankful to the products and the people who have showed me the right way.


Mrs.Laxmidevi Jaidani  
  Extremely delighted...Mrs.Chanda Ahuja

      I am Mrs.Chanda Ahuja ,a house wife aged 40 years from Nagpur.

     I was diagnosed as having Anaemia due to low heamoglobin levels.I used to feel tired and weak after a few hours of household work.Inspite of taking plenty of liquid foods and fresh jiuces,I suffered from Constipation and had developed acidity in my stomach.I tried the commonly available laxative pills and tonics ,before going to bed for a months time, but all in vain.Nothing could give me permanent relief.

     Finally Mr.Sachdev introduced me to Chlorophyll drink,Reishi and GT Plus Chlorophyll capsules of Camillotek ,which I took for about 15 days.Now I am completely relieved of Constipation.

     I am extremely delighted and pleased to share these product information to all my friends and relatives.

Mrs.Chanda Ahuja  
  Promoting the products to others...Mr.Anbhazhagan

     I am Anbhazhagan,a Chartered Accountant.I usually travel out of station for audit and I feel very tired and sleepy due to long distance travels.

     My friend Mr.Prabhu adviced me to take Green Tea from Camillotek Naturals Welness proogramme.I started taking Green tea capsules in a day and I feel good for the whole day.

     So I am promoting the products to others.

  BP came down to normal...Mrs.Purabi Sanyal

     Hi,I am Purabi Sanyal .I had Anaemia with high blood pressure.I was also underweight.

    I consumed Chlorophyll and GT Plus capsules of Camllotek Naturals wellness programme.

    In one and a half month,both my Haemoglobin and Blood pressure count came down to Normal.

Mrs.Purabi Sanyal.  
  Miraculous herbal products... Dr.Rao

     I am Dr.Rao from Chennai.I was suffering fromstress related Obesity ,which led to Insomnia from past six years .Even with the recommended sleeping pills I was unable to have a peaceful sleep, which deteriorated my health to major extent.

     I came across a recommendation by an officer of Camillotek NAturals ,whop introduced me to herbals with therapeutic values.I started the usage of Green Tea capsules(which is an Antioxidatant),Reishi(which is an Immune enhancer) and Chlorophyll in liquid form(which acts as a Detoxifier).

     To my surprise,within a month's time I have lost nearly three and a half kilograms of body weight naturally without any Dietary restrictions ,which led me to an energetic life and I get a peaceful sleep ,which I had not experienced in the past six years.With these effects on me ,I have also recommended the usage of these products to my mother ,who was suffering from Amoebiasis and to my wife, who was sufering from dust allergy and high BP.

     These miraculous herbal products have done wonders to our family naturally.I really feel proud to recommend Camillotek Naturals.


  Hale and healthy.Thanks to Reishi Plus...K.R.Balakrishnan

     I am K.R.Balakrishnan,a retired Accounts officer from Southern RAilways.I was suffering from Gastritis and Acidity .Muscles had become stiff due to gas accumulation and i had developed vomiting sensation .The local doctors warned me taht it could be Jaundice ,but after testing,my reports wre normal.

     Mr.Sudhakar of Nellore recommended me a Mushroom capsule ,which he told me that its not a medicine but a pure food supplement which works like a manure to a plant.I liked the idea and started consuming these capsules one each in the morning and evening.After a week's time, I found out that even without a cup of coffee,I could start my day cheerfully.This was my first sign of relief and to my relief my acidity has vanished without my knowledge.And for the past one year ,I am continuing the usage of Reishi Plus,one capsule a day.

     Now,with God's grace ,I am hale and healthy.Thanks to Reishi Plus.


Jawahar Nagar,Chennai.  
  I wish they comeout with more Herbal remedies...Mrs.Esther Siromani

     I am Mrs.Esther Siromani,aged 72, a retired School teacher from Chennai.I was suffering from Tennis Elbow for the past three years. I was unable to lift even a small object with my hands.Most Doctors prescribed me painkillers but none could give me the proper treatment.This also led me to other problems like gidiness,acidity ,BP etc.One of Camillotek NAturals Business Development Manager introduced me to Chlorophyll and Reishi.I started taking one capsule a day for nearly a months time.I felt very wenergetic during this time.The second month,I was able to write letters to a few frien ds of mine, recommending Camillotek Naturals.

     And after continuous usage of Chlorophyll and Reishi for three- four months,the problems which I suffered earlier have slowly started disappearing.Now I can carry a bag and take a walk to the local market.I also feel like ten years younger.

     I am extremely thankful to Camillotek Naturals. I wish they comeout with more Herbal remedies.

Mrs.Esther Siromani.  
  Vinay Kumar from Jamshedpur
     I am Vinay Kumar from Jamshedpur.I had constipation, acidity, indigestion and was not feeling hungry since 1984.I consumed product Chlorophyll.After consuming the product my constipation improved and I am feeling more hungry nowadays.
Vinay Kumar  
  Camillotek NAturals which helped me get back to my life...Mr.Arindom Sanyal

     I had Gastric problem and indigestion.Anything I took in the morning as breakfast created Acidity ,improper motion followed by higher lethargy.

     I started consuming Chlorophyll and GT Plus.After consumption of Camillotek Products I feel happy enjoying my work and life.All health problems got solved.Thanks to Camillotek NAturals which helped me get back to my life.

Mr.Arindom Sanyal  
  I am cured and satisfied...Mrs.Niva Rakshit

     I am Niva Rakshit, from Jamshedpur.I was suffering from acidity,gas and constipation from last 12 years.I took Alopathy,Homeopathy treatment in Jamshedpur ,Durgapur and Kolkata ,but my condition did not improve.

     My huband suggested Chlorophyll.I took the dosage in the morning and evening.Now I am cured and satisfied.

Mrs.Niva Rakshit  
  Pain due to Arthritis has decreased...Mr. Sradinbul Sanyal

     I had high BP,indigestion and Arthritis.These problems were there from past 18 years.

     I started consuming Camillotek Naturals's Numotoid and Chlorophyll.Now my blood pressure is under control.Digestion is now proper and pain due to Arthritis has decreased.

     Thanks to Camillotek.

Mr. Sradinbul Sanyal  
  I fully recommend these products... Mohan Janga

     My name is Mohan Janga.I am a regular usr of GT Plus capsules and Chlorophyll powder and I have found surprising results in my body metabolism.Even though I am a regular consumer of Alcohol and Pan masala,I keep going with my routine works and exercises.

    I neglected buying GT Plus and Chlorophyll for 10 days as the stock was over. After this, I had a selling in my left cheek just below the ear.I was shocked and was afraid that I have developed Cancer.So I requested my friend who supplies me the GT-90 and Chlorophyll powder to send them to me immediately.So he did and I swallowed 5 capsules of GT-90 and 1 sachet of Chlorophyll the very same night.And to my surprise,the hard swelling below my left ear vanished and my skin became smooth and soft.Hence, I never delay buying GT Plus and Chlorophyll since hn.

     I fully recommend these two products for people with habits of drinking and tobaccoand also for those who believe in precaution is better than cure.

Mohan Janga.  
Adambakkam ,Chennai.  
  Side effects of treatment got treated...Mr.Deepak Govindbhai Acharya.
     I am Deepak Govindbhai Acharya.I was suffering from Mouth Cancer and got operated twice.But I experienced side effects of treatment with post operative allopathic medicines.Finally I was recommended Camillotek products.So I started consuming GT Plus and Chlorophyll.They have helped me to alleviate the side effects of allopathic medicines and I am so much impressed by Camillotek's products that I have started recommending them to my friends and family.
Mr.Deepak Govindbhai Acharya.  
  Ocassion of high pleasure and pride...Dr.Vikas Sahu

     It is the ocassion of high pleasure and pride.The product of Camillotek is very effective to control ailment of serious nature.I am a Doctor treating my patients with Accupunture,Accupressure and Laser treatment.I refer my patients the dietary supplement of Camillotek, which balances food for the body.This increases the immune system of the body and the patient recovers early.

Zen Takara is very useful in Acupressure treatment.It has got very good features.

Dr.Vikash Sahu  
  Camillotek was the natural cure for me...Dhaneshwari Patel

     I am Dhaneshwari Patel ,22 years old from Raigarh,Chattisgarh.I have some kind of blood related disorder.By inspecting, Doctors told me that is not enough Blood circulation in the body.So,once in 45 days, I used to go for Blood Transfusion which resulted in bone and body pain.Along with these pains, there is enlargement of liver and spleen, which makes me sick frequently.I was mentally and physically drained.

     My uncle Purandar Patel suggested me to contact Dr.Shinde regarding my problem and also informed me that he could help me overcome this problem.

     We both went to meet Dr.Shinde at Raigarh and he introduced me to Camillotek products- Chlorophyll, Reishi and Fruitizyme.

     For the past 10 months, I am not going for any blood transfusion to my body as the intake of these products have improved proper blood circulation in my body.

     Thanks to Dr.Shinde and all those involved in producing these products.I reccomend everyone camillotek products and will be forever grateful for the boost to a comfortable life, free of pain.

     Camillotek was the natural cure for me.


Dhaneshwari Patel  
  Thanks to Numotoid...Avaghesh Patel

     I am Avaghesh Patel from Raigarh.I joined Camillotek in the month of June,2006.I have used Numotoid for my Chronic bodyache, which I had for a long period of time. After consuming these Capsules, I got relieved from my pain within a months time.

     Thanks to Numotoid.

Avaghesh Patel  
  Proud to be a consumer of Camillotek products...Mr. Mahendra Nagpal

     I am Mahendra Nagpal.I was suffering from severe constipation and irregular bowel movements. As a result I lost my appetite and was suffering from improper digestion.

     I tried seveal types of laxatives to regulate my bowels but nothing could give me complete relief.

     Finally I got introduced to Wheat Grass Chlorophyll drink and within a weeks time,I got complete relief from constipation and painful bowel movements. I also take GT Plus which has helped me improve my digestion and also better appetitie.

     I feel fresh and energetic throughout the day for which I am extremely thankful and proud to be a consumer of Camillotek products and Camilllotek Wellness programme.

Mr. Mahendra Nagpal  
  I felt completely fresh...Mr. N. Paramsivam

     I am Mr. N. Paramasivam, aged 40 years from Chennai.

     As I am a businessman, I have to go out and meet a lot of client regularly.I get tired and exhausted very soon and feel less energetic.

     I was recommended Chlorophyll by one of my friends who had the same problem and had got good results after taking Chlorophyll.

As he suggested, I took Chlorophyll and within a weeks time , I felt completely fresh. My skin and hair have become smooth and glowing with radience.My digestion has also improved a lot.

Mr. N. Paramsivam  
  These products are slow and steady and removes the ailment from its roots...Dr.Sahu

     I have given my mother Chlorophyll which minimised the Gall Bladder stone and was successful to remove the Urethra stone out of patients body.It took nearly 8 months time.

    This has really increased my confidence.Often I see dreams of Camillotek

     One day a patient suffering from peptic ulcer came to me in tears and told that he had taken a lot of medicines, but nothing haad happenned. I gave the patient Chlorophyll and GT Plus. After continuing the medication for two months the patient got some relief.After three months, 50% of ailment was cured.In this way, I have observed during last 7 months time, along with acupressure,acupuncture and use of Camillotek products, the result is very encouraging.NUmotoid capsule provides relief in Joint pains.

    These products are slow and steady and removes the ailment from its roots.ESpecially they are beneficial for Gastric, Joint pain, Arthritis, Tonsils, Peptic Ulcer, Blood Cancer etc.

    I am confident taht Camillotek products willo be more useful in the years to come.

    I am sending my compliments for my success in the field of treating the patients suffering from the above ailments.


  Feeling Better now...S.K.Rakshit.

     I was suffering from Dust allergy from past 12 years. My family was frustrated from my serious illness. I contacted many Doctors in Orissa but in no vain.I gradually gave up all the hope of recovery.

     On my friend's recommendation, I started Camillotek co-therapy with Chlorophyll and GT Plus for a month.

     Now I am feeling better.

  My Haemoglobin count became normal...Srabani Sanyal

     I am Srabani Sanyal. I faced problem in Haemoglobin deficiency,skin problem and lethargy.

     I came to know about Camillotek Naturals and I came across product Chlorophyll and Gt Plus.After consumption my Haemoglobin count became normal and I feel very energetic.

     Thanks to Camillotek.

Srabani Sanyal  
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